Since 1951, we have been helping businesses grow. As principals of Lewis Communications, a regional marketing communications firm, for over 40 years, we developed very efficient financial systems and procedures that substantially enhanced our bottom line.

As a result, we saw a real need and opportunity to provide and market this much-needed service. At Lewis & Associates, LLC, we have been sharing our expense reduction processes with successful, well-run businesses in order to help them achieve increased profitability. And regardless of the industry, whether it's construction, advertising, non-profit or educational, we have increased their earnings.

Lewis & Associates is designed to help our clients reach their goal of increasing the bottom line. We can help your business identify areas that may be negatively affecting profitability and growth. Our goal is to develop long-term cost effective solutions that are practical and technically sound.

We have successfully shared our expense processes with a number of businesses and already recommended bottom-line savings of several million dollars. Our expense reduction process does not require much time on your part and our analysis won't cost you anything. Upon implementation of our recommendations, we simply agree to a reasonable percentage of the annual savings with all future savings going directly to your bottom line indefinitely.

John H. Lewis, Jr. - Senior Partner
After successfully running and managing Lewis Communications for over 40 years, John leaned towards the financial side of the advertising agency business. His philosophy was to hire the best possible professionals, pushing them to run the client and creative side of the business and allowing John to concentrate on unique ways to earn and save Lewis Communications money. After building Lewis into one of the region's largest agencies, John elected to move into consulting allowing him the ability to pass on valuable business expertise and play a little more golf.

James "Jim" B. Sealy - Partner/Controller
Jim has been the Corporate Controller of Lewis Communications for nearly 8 years and was the "idea" behind Lewis & Associates. After working in the banking and wholesale distribution industries for nearly 14 years, Jim's ability to "save a penny" provided a natural fit for Lewis & Associates. Jim's controller background has helped uncover a number of creative expense reduction areas for Lewis Communications and Lewis & Associates clients', as well as provides more efficiencies for the businesses we serve.

John H. "Tripp" Lewis, III - Partner/Marketing Director
With a marketing and sales background, Tripp helps opens door for Lewis & Associates as well as assists Jim in the analysis of our clients. He also spearheads our marketing efforts for our clients, ensuring they not only save money, but also to help build their business. Tripp has been employed with Lewis Communications for 9 years and worked at a successful advertising agency in Atlanta prior to residing in Mobile.

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